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92 POLICE SEPTEMBER 2018 your marriage. 3. ey may look into your personal fi- nances, spending habits, things you hold important, and items of interest. Again, don't give it to them on social media. COUNTER MOVES 1. Stay aware of your own surroundings. 2. Notice cars that might follow you or if you see them more than twice a day at the same or different locations. During your routine stops, look around you to see if there are any people paying more attention to you than what they should be doing. 3. Break up your routines of travel to and from work and try not to be too predict- able. Changing your route every two to three days can cause a break in their plan. ENEMY PHASE TWO: LOCATING 1. Your routines are confirmed, and you are tailed and shadowed, and your timeline and routine is checked and double-checked. 2. ey select possible capture points. COUNTER MOVES 1. Learn how to break up your day. is af- fects the timeline they are trying to put together on you. 2. Before getting in your car, take a minute to walk around it. is gives you a differ- ent point of view of your surroundings. 3. Walk with confidence. Occasionally drop your keys, look at your phone like you're trying to get a signal, or do some- thing else no one would notice as a ploy and scan for threat. You can stop and look in windows to check reflections. 4. Be more aware at intersections when simplifying t h e d u t y h o l s t e r made in the u.s.a. X - C A L I B U R TM The X-Calibur works with your body's natural mechanics, incorporating the Science of Human Factors to produce a secure, fast, and intuitive duty holster. p o i n t b l a n k e n t e r p r i s e s . c o m driving and when parked on the road side. 5. Stay in touch with your dispatch and others. ENEMY PHASE THREE: PREPARATION 1. Once they decide to capture you, they will run rehearsals and practice, tak- ing into consideration your own ability to fight back. One of the things they are searching for is trouble spots that might hinder the capture and their getaway after taking you. 2. ey also establish where they are going to take you in this phase. If transferred, you will move two to three times until you reach your final destination. 3. e capture date and time is set. COUNTER MOVES 1. Continue to change your daily routines (this includes your family as well). 2. Get to know your patrol area, construc- tion sites, train stations, airports, traf- fic spots like detours and heav y traffic areas. Consider where you would grab someone and be especially vigilant in these areas. 3. Learn how to be more time conscious. 4. Take the advice of my friend and men- tor Coach Bob Lindsay and be a "when then" thinker, not an "if then" thinker. 5. Stay aware of your surroundings. THE CAPTURE It is common for abductors to move a per- son around to foil any immediate rescue attempts. You will probably experience several stops and transfers to different vehicles. Once captured by kidnappers who have planned to abduct you, you will be immediately "bagged and tagged." is The Winning Edge On the left is the wrong way to position your hands when being bound. Instead, make fists when your wrists are being tied so you'll be better able to escape.

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