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SPECIAL REPORT H ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE 7 BlueRidge Armor manufactures advanced ballistic protection serving to keep law enforcement and first responders SAFE. Contact us today to discuss your customized protective armor requirements. MISSION DRIVEN, PURPOSE BUILT www.BlueRidgeArmor.com • EMAIL: info@blueridgearmor.com • 844-556-6855 times that's enough to get the relationships formed and start fostering that communication." Going through realistic scenarios in this training also opens people's eyes to what they need to work on and gives them goals to work toward. And this doesn't just apply to the law enforce- ment officers and agencies involved. e training provided to Fire and EMS personnel helps bridge their gaps in knowledge about law enforcement's role. It provides them with some tactics to employ at the scene and makes clear how officers are operating as well as what they're asking them to do and why. is understanding helps all of the players seamlessly interact when it really counts. And the time to figure this all out is now because you never know when you'll need to call upon this training. "You have to get past basic training and start merging it all together," Curnett emphasizes. "We all need more complex training because the world is throwing more complex stuff at us." n shooting in October 2017. Local law enforcement agencies had trained extensively with each other and with fire and EMS ser- vices, preparing for various types of critical incidents. And it served them well. "When the attack happened at Mandalay Bay, they said the textbook was thrown out the window. And what got them through it was the preexisting relationships, trust, clear lines of communication, and having a command and control in place that could think at the speed of the situation instead of trying to apply what they've always done," says Curnett. "e situa- tion was way beyond anything they'd ever prepared for." But because they had spent time doing the right type of training, they were able to handle it with aplomb. Such an incident is a true test of first responder agencies' ability to work together. is is the reason the ALERRT program developed the AIRR program. If nothing else, it's a jumping off point to build from. Curnett says, "Simply being in the class and forcing people to be next to each other for a couple days, some- PHOTOS: ADVANCED LAW ENFORCEMENT RAPID RESPONSE TRAINING AT TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY

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