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PoliceMag.com 103 Most commercial drone com- panies started as consumer com- panies and increased their man- ufacturing to address the needs of the commercial user. AEE, on the other hand, has been a significant player in the commercial and law enforcement UAV market for more than a decade, producing high-end, six-figure surveillance and inspection UAVs. AEE's top-down approach has suc- cessfully addressed a significant industri- al inefficiency in the drone marketplace. "UAVs are typically an extension of an IT department, collecting data for live or post-event analysis, and security of in- formation is an important consideration, particularly when dealing with highly sensitive operations," added UAV expert Douglas Spotted Eagle, Director of Educa- tional Programming for Sundance Media Group. "Law enforcement agencies must realize that incorporating such drones involves a regulated industry, which pro- scribes training, policies and procedures that mesh with existing policies and pro- cedures, while providing the maximum impact from the investment for the orga- nization." Users shouldn't have to choose a $1,500 consumer drone because of a fear of flying a product which is priced 20 times higher. While the industry in general is not effi- ciently addressing the needs of the con- sumer, AEE continues to make decisions that will have a major impact on custom- ers with mission-critical operations who want more choice, convenience and con- trol with the use of the technology. AEE's Mach 4 will be available later this year with completed payload and airframe with price points starting at $5,500. For more information, visit www.aeeusa.com or contact info@aee.com than other commercial drones and is well-equipped to handle 18 mph head winds. Dust and water aren't friends to drones, but the Mach 4's conformal coat- ing, on target to receive an IPX5 rating, protects it against foreign elements. Often times, the flight direction and aim point of the camera are not the same, especially in high winds. e Mach 4's 10:1 payload, encased control system and advanced gimbal adapts to any environ- ment and provides for a 320-degree pan- oramic pan control with unobstructed viewing along with a retractable gear with an 80-degree range in tilt that allows it to check for targets in the most challenging position. While many users in the law enforce- ment field have had to either pay the hefty cost of a drone equipped with a large sen- sor payload with limited or no zoom capa- bilities, the Mach 4's 10:1 payload allows for images to be viewed up to 10 times greater and in a stabilized manner, thus providing the desired clarity. Its 1080p live video downlink allows inspectors to view any target in real time. BOTTOM LINE As drone-powered missions continue to have significant impact on the positive outcomes of law enforcement situations, drone manufacturers strive to gain a bet- ter understanding of the operators' needs in relation to the price point of its UAV products. While prevailing logic dic- tates the higher cost of a UAV is an indicator of the product's ef- ficiency, it avoids one of the most pertinent questions the drone industry faces today: How do manufacturers effectively bridge the gap between the needs of commercial users and customer affordability without compro- mising the efficiency and reli- ability of the product? THE SOLUTION While new drones are enter- ing the market seemingly every month, HYPERLINK "https:// w w w.aeeusa.com/aee-d rones/ mach-26/mach-4.html" AEE's Mach™ 4 is an efficient example of a drone that offers a cost-effective solution for the needs of all areas of law enforce- ment and includes many of the same ap- plications associated with UAVs that are three-to-five times more expensive. Mea- suring a little over two-feet in length, the Mach 4 is capable of traveling at speeds close to 40 miles per hour and flight times up to 40 minutes. Its sophisticated Y-12 ruggedized ground station and flight control system offers an easy, steady and precise control experience. Other features such as an extended range transmission system from bird to downlink help to give rocksteady video when really needed at the critical point of documenting the in- spection. High-definition video with a 10x1 optical zoom with adjustable pan and pitch control lens and a forthcoming advanced optical dual scan IR-4K RGB payload make the Mach 4 a viable solu- tion for cost-conscious law enforcement users who are looking for state of the art performance on an industry leading cost to performance platform. A basic requirement of any drone per- forming a search and rescue or surveil- lance is to keep its eyes on the target and be stable for as long as possible in order to return clear data and imagery. Challeng- ing conditions such as winds, dust, rain and snow – coupled with a short flight cycle, make even the most routine tasks difficult. With a 40-minute flight time, the Mach 4 stays on target up to 10 minutes longer IMAGES PROVIDED COURTESY OF SUNDANCE MEDIA GROUP

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