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PoliceMag.com 57 is is the correct company information: Drunk Busters of America, LLC www.drunkbusters.com W6279 County Road F Brownsville, WI 53006 Company phone: 920-583-2491 Company fax: 920-583-2332 CORRECTION The correct name of the agency profiled in the June issue's A Closer Look article is the East Haven (CT) Police Department, not the New Haven Police Department. USE CONTACT AND COVER I was dismayed to read Steve Albrecht's article, 'Is Contact and Cover Dead?' (PO- LICE, July 2018), and my first thought was, I hope Steve is wrong. ere is no reason to abandon this ba- sic officer-safety tactic. Even with the em- phasis on "de-escalation" these days (as if de-escalation is something new!), Contact and Cover still works to provide a safer environment for any encounter for all the reasons Steve explained in his article. Go back and read it again! If your agency is not training Contact and Cover, or if you are not using it for any reason, reconsider! Too many officers die when there are multiple officers present but they violate the basics of this proven safety tactic. Captain Greg Meyer Los Angeles PD (ret.) POLICE Advisory Board IMPROVE ACTIVE SHOOTER BUTTONS I read the July issue of POLICE Magazine with interest. I've received exten- sive training in school shooting response. Unfortunately, no one wants to address the proverbial "600 pound gorilla in the room." ere are "buttons" that can be in- stalled in schools to notify everyone and help students and staff shelter in place in the event of an active shooter. at's great, but the shooter could just pull the closest fire alarm, and as everyone evacuates the building he has a bunch of new targets. My proposal is that when someone hits the active shooter "button" it should au- tomatically disable the fire alarms. I was then informed by each and every "button" salesperson I talked to that the fire alarm industry will never allow this to happen. So how do we tackle this situation? Lt. (ret.) Nick DeMarco CORRECTION In the June issue Buyer's Guide listings, Drunk Busters of America's phone num- ber was missing a digit. Feedback TO OUR READERS SEND POLICE YOUR COMMENTS: We want to hear your comments about POLICE and what's going on in law enforcement. Send your letters in any of the following ways. E-mail: Melanie.Basich@PoliceMag.com Fax: 310-533-2507 Mail: POLICE Magazine Attn: Letters to the Editor 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, CA 90503 Online: PoliceMag.com Ideal tools to locate missing objects - Easy operation - Detects ALL metals - Commercial grade - Land & underwater detecting - In use by FBI, US Navy and law enforcement agencies worldwide JW Fishers Mfg., Inc. 1953 County Street East Taunton MA 02718 USA (800)822-4744 or (508)822-7330 Email: info@jwfishers.com www.jwfishers.com the SAR-1 & Pulse 8X underwater metal detectors.

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