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PoliceMag.com 37 YOU CAN'T DEFEAT WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE. With the Trijicon REAP-IR ® mini thermal rifl escope, you get more technology per square inch than any other thermal sight. Trijicon REAP-IR ® Mini Thermal Rifl escope • 640x480 image resolution, 12 micron pixel pitch, and 60 Hz refresh rate • Multiple modes of white hot and black hot for rapid target identifi cation • Built tough and tested to MIL-STD-810G See the technology at TrijiconEO.com . MADE IN THE U.S.A. ©2018 Trijicon, Inc. | Wixom, MI USA | 1-800-338-0563 | 18TRIJ12271-R-T | trijicon.com helping teams gain critical intelligence and helping officers stay safer at the scene. Limiting the peril faced by officers during a standoff, barricade, or other tactical operation is the primary purpose of integrating such devices as robots, drones, and other technologies into the SWAT toolbox. ree primary high-tech systems have been integrated into SWAT operations to help produce better outcomes for officers, innocents, and even suspects. Enhanced night vision devices such as image intensification systems and thermal cameras help SWAT officers detect po- tential ambushes and make it safer for them to make entry into darkened buildings and execute room clearing operations. ey can also be used by snipers to provide overwatch for the team during low-light operations and, if necessary, target and elimi- nate threats to the team and the public. Robots can be used to perform duties that used to fall to hu- man operators and potentially exposed officers to attack from the suspect or suspects. Robots can enter a building to take phones to suspects or perform reconnaissance, locating hostag- es or suspects and providing officers with critical intelligence. In a very controversial use, the Dallas Police Department's SWAT team—with approval from the chief—actually used a robot to de- liver a lethal explosive payload to an extremely dangerous man who refused to surrender. e decision to use a robot as a bomb likely saved officer lives that night in July 2016, considering that the sniper had just killed five officers and would have been happy to kill even more. Drones are being used in SWAT operations to provide opera- tors and commanders with real-time aerial reconnaissance. e potential for these unmanned aircraft in making SWAT opera- tions more effective is just being tapped. All this technology has been extremely beneficial in tactical police operations. But Gallegos cautions all tactical operators that regardless of what high-tech tools they plan to use at an inci- dent, they need to have a backup plan. "You have to ask yourself: 'What if this fails? What am I going to do?'" SWAT teams have numerous tools for missions, but veteran operators caution that it's wise to have a backup plan for when the tech fails.

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