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22 POLICE JULY 2018 Forensics Equipment MELANIE BASICH These products make working crime scenes easier and more efficient. SIRCHIE POSTMORTEM BLOOD URINE SPECIMEN KIT Sirchie's Post-mortem Blood Urine Specimen kit is de- signed specifically for gathering specimens from a deceased body. It contains everything you need in one place to take blood samples or collect urine for testing. Kit contents include: 1 kit box with biohazard label, 1 FDA product insert, 1 blood tube and urine bottle holder with security flap, 1 100ml Urine specimen bottle, 2 10ml blood collection tubes, containing 100 mg of sodium fluoride and 20 mg of potassium oxalate, 1 16-gauge and 4-inch needle, 1 Ziploc bag with a liquid-absorbing sheet, 3 tamper- evident specimen security/identifica- tion seals, and 1 tamper-evident kit box shipping seal for resealing outer box after specimen collection. w w w.sirchie.com H H H H H FOXFURY CS SCAN FORENSIC LIGHT SYSTEM e FoxFury CS Forensic Light System offers multiple blue and UV wavelengths in one light. is allows the user to scan between four different wavelengths (365nm, 395nm, 450nm, and 470nm) along with white light. is recharge- able light, along with the included orange and yellow CS Eye glasses, is designed to help speed up forensic search and reduce cross contamination at the scene. w w w.foxfury.com/collections/forensics-csi/ products/cs-scan-forensic-light-system INTEGENX, PART OF THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC RAPIDHIT ID SYSTEM e Integenx RapidHit ID system allows you to identify or release a suspect quickly by delivering human identifica- tion answers you need in only 90 minutes, using accurate DNA analysis. e compact, easy-to- use system generates lab- quality forensic DNA profiles in virtually any setting. e company says processing a buccal swab with the RapidHit ID system is incredibly easy, requir- ing less than 1 minute of hands-on time. w w w.integenx.com SECURE OUTCOMES INC. LS1100 DIGITAL LIVESCAN SYSTEM Secure Outcomes designed the LS1100 with focus on three core values critical to law enforcement and military professionals: functionality, durability under pressure, and quality. e deliberate versatility of the system enables you to put the LS1100 in your department, jail, patrol vehicle, mobile com- mand unit, or CID for fast identi- fication and tracking. e LS1100 is designed to provide terrific capability for any department, big or small. ht tps://secureoutcomesinc.com H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

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